Window Replacement: 3 Clear Reasons To Add A Bay Window

If you are looking for replacement windows that will fit well in place of your large windows, then you can consider bay windows. A bay window will go well in a large window opening and comes in many designs, colors and grilles that will compliment the architectural style of your home. A bay window features 3 windows; one that runs parallel to the exterior wall of your house and 2 on either sides of the parallel window. This means that you will have outdoor view on all the 3 sides of the window. The look of these windows will transform your house in terms of light, healthy living space and connection with the outdoor environment.


Below are 3 major reasons to add a bay window to your house:

Increased natural light

Bay windows consist of 3 sides which exposes the enclosed space to maximum sunlight in many hours of the day as opposed to an ordinary window with only a single exposure. Bay windows let in adequate natural light in a room which eliminates the need of artificial lighting. This keeps your energy bills low. Well lit rooms will always improve your mood and reduce stress than poorly lit rooms. A bay window will also allow sunshine which warms up the home for comfortable temperatures. This type of window will therefore reduce your heating costs and eliminate the need for expensive window replacements such as installing storm windows to minimize heat loss. Quality bay windows should minimize solar heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter.

Improved ventilation

Bay windows can improve ventilation for the health of everyone in your household. A typical bay window will have a fixed panel at the centre joined to operable windows on its flanks. This gives you flexibility to open the side windows that allow cross ventilation. Unwanted warmer and dustier air can freely flow outside your house for comfortable, healthy environment in your indoors.

Additional room space

As opposed to ordinary windows that seemingly create barriers between your house and nature, bay windows create an illusion of openness. Adding a bay window in a room will make it feel larger. The new design also establishes an expansive view of the outdoors whether it is an extension from your living room or kitchen. The protruding window is also a practical addition that will provide a beautiful space to relax in the summer while enjoying the outdoor weather. Modern bay windows are robust enough to withstand projectiles from inclement weather and eliminate the need of installing impact windows when you actually wanted the benefit of a bay window.

A quality bay window can last the lifetime of your home with good care. When choosing frames for the window, it’s good to choose hardware that will insulate well and with low maintenance. Vinyl frames hardly need maintenance compared to wood and insulate well compared to aluminum frames for bay windows. Though installation of a bay window seems like an easy to handle DIY project, it would be best to seek the services of your residential remodeling expert or find a pro online from reputable home improvement companies. An expert can also advise you on how to hurricane-proof your home with hurricane windows or impact resistant windows if you live in a hurricane prone zone.

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