Why You Should Install A Skylight

The benefits of installing skylights in your home extend beyond our own well-being to protecting our environment. The natural light that skylights provide has several psychological and physical benefits. When you install skylight in your house, it not only improves the decor of your room, but also improves our happiness and health. Natural light provided […]

How To Choose The Right Replacement Windows For Your Home

Contrary to what you see in television and print media ads, reducing your energy bills is not the reason why you should opt for door replacements. This is because it could take several years to recoup the investments of $10,000 to $30,000 you make on replacement doors. Energy star doors can reduce your energy bills […]

Impact Windows And Condensation

When you notice sweating on windows after you install the popular impact resistant doors and windows, you don’t have to panic. The first thought that crosses your mind is that they have not been installed properly by the window contractor. In most cases, this may not be true. Usually, this condensation on the storm doors […]

How Hurricane Impact Windows Measure Up Against Other Wind Protection Devices

Some people know these doors and windows as impact resistant doors and windows, some know them as storm windows and doors, while others know them as hurricane doors and windows. No matter what they are called, these doors play a very important role in our life. They protect our home and family from the devastation […]

5 Common Mistakes When Replacing Windows

Most people have realized that worn out and old windows of their home are having a negative impact on the energy efficiency of their house. This is increasing their energy bills by thousands of dollars every year. The obvious thing to do in such situations is to opt for window replacement, however difficult economic conditions […]

What To Consider When Installing Impact Windows

If you live in an area where hurricanes or storms roll through occasionally, you should take steps to prepare your doors and windows to take on the damage caused by flying debris and strong winds associated with hurricanes. Every time a region is hit by a hurricane, we hear stories of homeowners nailing wood over […]

Window Replacement: 3 Clear Reasons To Add A Bay Window

If you are looking for replacement windows that will fit well in place of your large windows, then you can consider bay windows. A bay window will go well in a large window opening and comes in many designs, colors and grilles that will compliment the architectural style of your home. A bay window features […]

How To Beat The High Cost Of Replacement Windows

Do you have old windows that need replacement? Is your contractor quoting a very high price to replace your window? If you are one of those who are facing this problem, you will be glad to know that hurricane windows produce as much energy saving as the full replacement windows and they cost less than […]

Casement Windows Pros And Cons

Most homeowners prefer using bay and picture windows in their homes because they allow natural light to enter their house. However, these windows require a lot of room, which makes it difficult for most people to install these windows. If you plan to install these windows, you have to design a wall of glass, which […]

How Energy Efficient Are Hurricane Impact Windows?

When it comes to window replacements, most homeowners are unable to decide what is best for their house. With so many options available in the marketplace, owners must decide which style and design will suit the decor of their home. One of the options that most homeowners are curious about is hurricane windows. These windows […]

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