Common Dual Pane Window Problems You Should Know?

If you are tired of high electric bills, you should consider installing dual pane windows in your home and office. These type of impact windows not only reduce energy loss but also make your home more comfortable by insulating your home against drafts and noise. Even though these windows are highly durable, most homeowners don’t know what to do when moisture forms between the glass panes. They don’t know whether they should call the local glass company, window expert, or a general contractor.

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Q: I have been using dual-pane windows for several years and have used dual-pane windows in most rooms.

One of the windows in my guest room has developed moisture steaks between the window panes. I have been using dual-pane windows in my house for over ten years, and it is the first time I am facing this problem. Should I replace my window? Or should I wait for summers for moisture to dry out, then caulk around the outside and inside of the window? Or Should I call a general contractor to address the problem? Or do you have any other useful suggestion?

A: You don’t have to replace the window; however, you do have to replace the glass thermal pane unit. The glasses are bound together by a seal. Once this seal is broken or damaged, caulking the inside and outside of the window will not stop the moisture from entering the unit. If the problem is not addressed on time, the unit may have to be changed.

If it is an aluminum impact resistant window, you can call the local glass company to change it. However, if you are using a wooden window, you must contact an experienced wooden window replacement expert. Avoid repairing the windows yourself, as some wooden windows are difficult to dismantle. To prevent the replacement window from future leak failure, you must know how to dissemble the window properly. Getting an hurricane window expert who has several years of experience in this field will also help in fixing the problem in the shortest possible time.

Q: What are the causes of seal failure between the window panes?

A: There are two main causes for seal failure between the window panes. One is the breaking down of the sealant by water that is trapped under the glass unit. The second cause of seal failure is the penetration of moisture through the sash. The moisture that penetrates the sash gets trapped in the thermal pane unit. During winters when it freezes, the moisture at the bottom of the thermal pane unit freezes and expands. This can create cracks in the seal that binds the two panes of glass. The second problem is more common in aluminum and wooden windows.

If you are using an aluminum window, not much can be done to prevent the penetration of moisture. However, if you use a wooden window, you can take several steps to prevent this problem. You can start by applying good quality semi-glass latex enamel paint to the sash. Also, make sure that you put at least 1/6-inch paint onto the glass. Putting paint on the glass will help in sealing the sash which will prevent moisture from penetrating the unit.

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