Impact Resistant Doors – Protecting Your Home Against Tornadoes

Glass doorsThe number of tornadoes hitting the United States is growing every year. The annual average for tornadoes hitting the US is 28, a number which keeps increasing every year. There is nothing much you can do when a storm that has a score of 5 or more hits your home. However, if you try, you could reduce the damage caused by twisters or hurricanes. In this article, we have highlighted a few areas you can work on to protect your home.

Fortify the Garage Door

When the garage door is lost, you may consider the house lost as well. When high-speed windows enter your home, they pressurize your house and can easily blow off the roof. Experts suggest that garage doors that are installed in a residential setting should not be more than 9 feet wide. Also, they must be able to withstand fifty or more pounds of air pressure/sq ft. Also, a single door has higher chances of surviving when compared to a double or triple door. If you are not planning to replace your door, you can try reinforcing the existing door.

Keep the Lid On

During a hurricane or tornado, high winds exert inward pressure on outer walls and outward pressure on the inner walls and roof. The combination of inward and outward pressure can easily rip through a weak area on the wall and roof. If the roof lifts off, it can leave your home vulnerable. So, it is important to keep the roof on to have more resistance against winds. One of the ways of making the roof secure is by using galvanized steel hurricane clips. These clips connect the top plate of the roof to the rafters or trusses. This improves the connection between the two and makes the roof stronger.

Work on the Windows and Doors

A common misconception people have is that you should allow high winds to enter your house. This creates a wind tunnel that equalizes the pressure outside and inside the house. The truth is, when you open the windows or door, it can increase the pressure inside your home and can easily blow the roof and wall. Your household must install impact resistant windows to protect the building from powerful winds. Also known as impact or hurricane windows, these windows can easily withstand incredible force. These storm windows are incredibly durable and they don’t easily break when objects hit them during a hurricane. All these benefits make these windows the ideal window replacements option for homeowners who want to take up project for replacement windows.

Pin Down your House

Once you have bolstered up your garage door, installed impact windows, secured the weak roof using hurricane clips, you should start worrying about keeping the building structure on the ground. At times, high winds can pluck your home from the ground if you have a weak foundation. You can install devices that will keep the structure more grounded.

Concrete Walls

You cannot change the why tornadoes strike, but we can modify the way you deal with powerful winds. This means that we should not use traditional timber when constructing our home. Instead, we can use stronger materials like concrete to protect our home from high winds and projectiles.

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