Broward County Windows Questions And Answers For Homeowners

Right here are some usual concerns about Broward County Windows that we hope will assist and educate you throughout the buying process.

Q: How can a homeowner get an estimate on Broward Impact Windows?

A: We will meet you at your house, at your preference. We will bring samples, examine your existing doors and windows, and enlighten you as to all the choices that are readily available to please your requirements. As soon as you are completely educated and have actually decided exactly what item you would like. We will provide you with a detail estimate. To schedule an appointment call us at 954-256-1055 or complete our online form and we will make arrangements to schedule a visit.

Q: Can I buy the Windows and install them myself?

A: All our products are customized and made to your exact specs. If you prefer, we can sell to you directly and you can either install it yourself or hire someone else to do it.  Nonetheless by deciding to set up the products yourself you are forfeiting our warranty. Our guarantee is an incredible value, and when you accumulate all the extra unseen costs associated with installing the windows yourself you will recognize that the extra expense to have our expert specialists install your products is minimal.

Q: How should I compare hurricane impact resistant windows?

A: This is a significant investment, so take your time to do your research prior to buying. Some important standards to try to find when deciding are service warranty, installation strategies, glass criteria, design pressure and building code approvals.

Q: How do your impact door and window products compare in cost to other dealers?

A: Our windows or doors are competitively priced in the South Florida market. We shop our competitors to see how we compare in prices and we are not the most expensive, as our pricing is very competitive. Nonetheless, we will offer an exceptional  value by providing windows and doors from the top manufacturers and which come with the best product warranties.

Q: How do I know that they have appropriate code approvals?

A: All code approvals are not identical. Code approvals can be for numerous various products and based upon numerous various factors consisting of home area and product use. When comparing code approvals, see to it that all items are specifically authorized for impact by a reliable governing agency such as Broward County.

Q: I compared rates and discovered that your windows are more expensive. Why is that?

A: First you need to make sure you are comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges.  If you are making a comparison to a business that purchases basic size products and not custom and does not do the total finish work, that is why our windows cost more than some of our competitors. Nonetheless, when compared with companies that do a full task, have insurance, a qualified installation staff and product guarantees our prices are regularly below the competition.

Q: Exactly what is site specific engineering?

A: Numerous municipalities need specific engineering in regard to the kind of storm protection you have selected. This often occurs in houses that are above three stories or multi-family such as condos and apartments.

Q: Do I need to apply for a building permit with the city or county?

A: Under no circumstance should you get in into an agreement to have products installed without a building permit being provided.

Q: How does the permit process work?

A: Upon initiating a contract a consumer should sign a permit application, this application along with the product approvals will be sent out to the city for approval.  The approval from the city is based on the location of your residential property and the type of impact resistant products you want to install. Our agents will satisfy the city inspector and evaluate the task.

Q: Will my home security system still work?

A: Throughout the window and door setup, the safety system will be detached from the window frame. We will leave the wires exposed; we are not an alarm company, so you will need to call your alarm company to come out and put back everything in place for your home security system to make sure it works as it should.

Q: If I buy hurricane windows can I get a discount on my homeowners insurance premium?

A: Yes!  Contact your insurance company for a Storm Mitigation Application. This form must be finished by an authorized professional. As soon as the item is installed and the application is finished and submitted you are entitled to a price cut on your insurance.


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