Hurricane Preparation Tips For Broward County Residents

If you live in an area that is prone to getting hurricanes such as any state on the eastern shoreline of the United States, it’s not only important to know how to prepare for a hurricane so that you and your family will be safe, but there are also some important safety tips that you […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Top 5 Impact Window Benefits To Homeowners

Most consumers only hear about the most common benefit of impact resistant windows and that is that they are great for hurricane protection.  But there are some other great benefits that homeowners will receive by investing in hurricane windows and doors, which are outlined in this infograhic.

Answers To Common Impact Resistant Window Questions

In addition to shopping around to find the best impact windows that are right for you, you may also have to shop around for the best impact resistant window contractor to take care of the installation for you. Now this is not always the case, it really depends on where you decide to buy your […]

Thinking About Upgrading Or Replacing Your Existing Windows?

When you start shopping around for impact windows, you will find that they come in 2 different categories, non-insulated and insulated windows. Impact resistant glass can provide resistance to wind borne debris like branches and stones, because the glass panes are so thick and they also have an inter-layer that makes them shatter proof. Now […]

Tips For Choosing The Best Windows For Your Home

Many homeowners plan on doing some type of home improvement project each year and one of those renovation projects that seem to become more popular nowadays are window replacements and the reason is many homeowners are choosing this project is because they want to reduce heating or cooling costs and to maintain the highest comfort […]

How Replacement Windows Can Make Your Home Energy Efficient?

If you can feel the wind coming through your windows although they are closed, then you need to look into changing them as soon as possible, because right now they are having a negative impact on your home’s energy efficiency.  You should look into getting some top quality replacement windows that are energy efficient.  There […]

How To Choose A Good Hurricane Window Contractor?

If you are not familiar with the impact windows business, then choosing a good window contractor can be a hard task to accomplish.  Homeowners should know the correct questions to ask these contractors so that they can tell the difference between a good and bad company or contractor.  It is not uncommon for consumers to […]

How To Make Sure That Your Home Is Secured For A Hurricane?

For homeowners that live in Fort Lauderdale, we all know that we shouldn’t wait until we get a hurricane warning by the local news station to start preparing for hurricane season.  The unfortunate reality though is that a lot of homeowners do just that, they wait for the last minute, however there are several things […]

Why You May Want To Change Out Your Jalousie Windows?

If you live in a coastal area, then you are probably familiar with Jalousie Windows, they are typically made of glass, wooden or acrylic louvers, that actually somewhat look like blinds, with each louver sitting on top of the other in an overlap pattern to form a large pane of glass.  A track is used […]

What You Need To Know Before Shopping For Sliding Doors?

If you are thinking about changing your sliding glass patio doors, then you may want to consider some type of wood combination instead of just vinyl.  The reason is if you have a vinyl and wood combination of the frame, then you will get a more energy efficient, increased durability and strength, so they will […]

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