Tips For Choosing The Best Windows For Your Home

Many homeowners plan on doing some type of home improvement project each year and one of those renovation projects that seem to become more popular nowadays are window replacements and the reason is many homeowners are choosing this project is because they want to reduce heating or cooling costs and to maintain the highest comfort level inside their home.

Before you decide to replace your windows you have to consider a series of conditions to make sure that when you change your windows that does not pose a problem in the future. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to study in detail all the technical requirements of the enclosure before buying your new residential windows.

Features of windows, types, materials, and glasses:


Basically, we have three common types of windows according to their material:

  1. Wood: Wood windows are used for aesthetic reasons or unique conditions, they provide good insulation conditions from the thermal point of view, but their maintenance is more complex than the other windows made of other materials.
  2. Aluminum: Aluminum windows are a good value. They are widely used for their ease of assembly and manufacturing. Aluminum has as major disadvantage, which is this type of material has a low thermal resistance.
  3. PVC: These types of windows have a high thermal resistance and the maintenance is not very complicated. Its main drawback is its price, because in relation to aluminum windows, they are usually more expensive.

Thermal two-Bridge:

There are basically two types of windows that are thermal or bridge. The thermal break ensures improved thermal characteristics of the window frames; it becomes a very important condition when the window is made of aluminum.


Glass is the most important part of the whole, because it occupies almost the entire surface of the window. The glass is responsible for controlling the temperature transfer and therefore its characteristics depend on 80% of the thermal resistance of all structural work. Impact resistant windows have a sheet, two sheets, or even three panes separated by an air chamber, which can sometimes contain an inert gas to improve thermal characteristics.


The micro-ventilation ensures that the air changes inside the building, this helps maintain sanitation. Micro-ventilation in a window can be made ​​from small openings in carpentry or through mechanisms that remain slightly open.

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