Thinking About Upgrading Or Replacing Your Existing Windows?

When you start shopping around for impact windows, you will find that they come in 2 different categories, non-insulated and insulated windows. Impact resistant glass can provide resistance to wind borne debris like branches and stones, because the glass panes are so thick and they also have an inter-layer that makes them shatter proof. Now if you haven’t already heard it from someone else, the cost of hurricane windows are not cheap, especially when you include the installation and if you want to replace all the windows in your home. However, there are a few ways that can help you recoup your investment, as storm windows is one of the few home improvement project that can eventually pay for itself over time.

Homeowners can get discounts on their homeowners insurance premiums, as well as since the hurricane proof windows will help to make your home more insulated you will see your monthly energy cost decrease once they are installed. As your air conditioner will not have to work as hard as it use to and with proper insulation, your home can maintain the desired temperature longer, than it did before.

It’s a good idea to ask any friends or family members that may have storm proof windows installed already, about not just want type of high impact doors and windows they have, but also what was their experience with the window contractors that did the installation for them. Getting recommendations from people you know will go a long way in your quest for trying to find the right window or door product for your commercial building or home.

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