Answers To Common Impact Resistant Window Questions

In addition to shopping around to find the best impact windows that are right for you, you may also have to shop around for the best impact resistant window contractor to take care of the installation for you. Now this is not always the case, it really depends on where you decide to buy your hurricane windows, some hurricane proof window dealers will provide you with both windows and a contractor to install them for you and then there are other dealers that only sell impact doors and windows, without providing the installation service.

So let’s assume for the remainder of the article, that you decided to buy from a window company that does not do door or window installation and it’s up to you to find your own installer. If you find yourself in this situation, this is not the time to be cheap, a good window and door contractor is going to cost extra and they are worth every penny for the quality of work they will do, as well as the amount of knowledge they will have.

So how do you find a good contractor?

Great question! First, make sure that they are certified by the state of Florida; try to find someone that is well known in Broward County or at least in your neighborhood. Check to see if they have any reviews online, the best contractors will have several positive reviews and last but not least, they need to be insured, so ask to see their proof of insurance. The top contractors spend the extra time each year to educate themselves on the latest building structural changes and hurricane research.

Now if you haven’t bought your new replacement windows yet, you can also ask the contractor if there are any local storm window companies that they have relationships with, that have a large selection of the top name brand storm tight windows. Finding a company that offers many different brands will work in your favor, not only will it be easier to find an affordable solution but they can cater to your needs better.

What affects the price of hurricane resistant windows?

The number one thing that affects the price or cost of storm resistant windows is the materials that they are made of, as well as the type of product you choose. The contractor or window company can help you with selecting the right windows or door system for your particular needs. Just keep in mind that the products that are available for single family homes can vary some from the products that are designed for high rise buildings. You will also have the option to choose products that are made of recyclable materials and another factor that will affect the cost is the amount of maintenance that each product will require. The less amount of maintenance, the more expensive the product will be. The most common types of storm windows that you will come across are the ones that have 2 panes of glass with an interlayer and then the other type is the insulated windows, which come with 3 panes of glass. The additional benefits of choosing a product with insulation is that it will have better energy efficiency, while these may be more expensive to buy, they will help to save you even more money over time.

At The Window Experts we not only provide you with a wide selections of doors and windows, but we also have contractors that are licensed and insured and we guarantee that we will meet or beat any competitors quote, so give us a call today.

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