How To Choose A Good Hurricane Window Contractor?

If you are not familiar with the impact windows business, then choosing a good window contractor can be a hard task to accomplish.  Homeowners should know the correct questions to ask these contractors so that they can tell the difference between a good and bad company or contractor.  It is not uncommon for consumers to make the wrong decision, simply because they did not ask the contractor the right questions.  So let us now discuss some of those right questions that you should be asking when you start researching impact resistant window contractors for bids on your replacement windows.

  1. Does the contractor have any customer satisfaction ratings and if so what are they?
  2. Who are the contractors that will be doing the installation of your windows and doors?
  3. Did these contractors get certified by the manufacturer of the windows you’ve bought and can they supply you with proof of the certification?
  4. What type of warranty are they offering on installation?
  5. How many years of warranty does the window product come with?
  6. Is the company able to provide you with actual customer references?
  7. You should call these references to get an idea of how the contractor did on their previous jobs.
  8. Ask the company about their general liability coverage to see how much coverage they have.
  9. You also want to ask about their worker’ compensation coverage to see how much coverage they have on that aspect.
  10.  Who is the license qualifier for the window company?
  11.  Is this person the owner, partner etc.?
  12.  Ask the contractor for proof of their qualifier’s license.
  13.  Ask the company if they will have one of their contractors present whenever the city or county comes out to do a building inspection to complete the project.
  14.  Can they show you proof that they are actually an authorized dealer for the manufacturer of the windows you want to buy, such as certification for Anderson Windows?
  15. Are they a member of the BBB or Better Business Bureau and if so what kind of track record do they have with the Better Business Bureau?
  16. Do they have an independent engineer company that they use to establish the specifications for the job site to prepare for the installation of impact windows on your home?

While these are not all the questions that could be asked, this should give you a good starting point and I am sure as you interview these contractors you will come up with more questions on your own during the interview process, but have the list handy, you may want to print it out and then when you are done you will be able to see how each impact resistant window company stacks up to their competition.

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