Have You Inspected Your Windows Lately?

If you have older standard windows on your home, I am sure you will agree with me that they are taking away from the beauty of your house.  Purchasing and installing new replacement windows could be a great home improvement project to change and enhance the look of your home to make sure it will look like the best home in the neighborhood for years to come.  So if you are one of the many homeowners that feel that your house is looking lifeless or dull lately, then now is a great time to consider purchasing new Impact Windows.  Something as simple as changing out your existing windows can make a world of difference, this feature can make a vast improvement and enhance the curb appeal of the entire exterior of your home.

When it comes to window replacements it is not always an obvious decision, while others you can easily tell when your windows need to be replaced.  While windows can look great from a distance, those same windows may be hard to close or open properly and if your windows do not close properly, then that problem could be costing you’re a large amount of money in cooling and heating bills each month.

The other problem with windows that do not close properly is that it leaves your house vulnerable to intruders to gain access.  So if you want to not just protect your wallet, but the safety of your home and family, then you should consider inspecting all your windows periodically to make sure they are in good functional condition.  New windows are always a great home improvement project.

You do not need to hire a professional to inspect your windows, as this is a rather easy task and you should add it to your regular monthly maintenance checklist of things to do around the house.  So there is no reason to delay this simple project as all it will cost you is time.  Here are a few things you should look out for when doing your visual inspection of your existing windows:

  • Look for signs of rotting
  • Look for cracks
  • Is the window frame warping

Take your time when inspecting your windows; don’t rush through it as you may miss problems.  Also, do not forget to check the glass panes to see if they are loose or broken, if you find any problems then it may be time to consider getting some new windows.  Once the visual inspection is done, now is the time to check the functionality of your windows such as whether or not they open and close properly and efficiently.  You shouldn’t have to use force to open or close a window, instead it should be rather easy, as well as you should not hear any noises when opening or closing them.  If you find that your windows are getting stuck or making noises when you open or close them, then it may be time to think about visiting your local impact window dealer to order some custom windows for your home.  Today there are several options when it comes to replacement windows, which include vinyl windows, which will not only reduce your monthly energy bill, but will also make your home look great.  Click Here to learn more.


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