What Are Hurricane Resistant Windows?

What are impact windows?

These windows are also commonly referred to as impact resistant windows or hurricane windows. If your house is located in a place that is susceptible to hurricanes and storms, investing in these windows is not a luxury but a necessity, lest you spend a lot of money repairing damages which result from high velocity storms and hurricanes. Whereas it is easy to find these windows from your nearest impact window store, it is nevertheless challenging to get the best impact resistant windows which will suit your needs. Please go through this guide for purchasing the best types of storm resistant windows prior to investing your resources in these type of windows.

What You Need To Know About These Types Of Windows 

A lot has been said about storm proof windows, some of the features that make them effective in protecting properties and homes against damages resulting from severe weather conditions such as storms and hurricanes, and the benefits of installing them. But this doesn’t mean you understand everything about hurricane proof windows.

Guide for selecting the best and most effective windows 

Cooling and heating efficiency – regular windows cannot keep your house cool or warm depending on the climatic conditions. But impact glass have the ability to keep your home’s temperature constant, thanks to their cooling and heating efficiency. But you will be making the wrong assumption in thinking that all of these windows have the same cooling and heating efficiency. This is because different hurricane proof windows have different features. Similarly, hurricane windows have different levels of cooling and heating efficiency. In this regard, you should never invest in these windows unless you are very sure of how efficient they are as far as cooling and heating efficiency is concerned. 

Window type – hurricane windows come in different types with each having different features. Find out the ideal window type that is appropriate for installing in your home before investing in storm proof windows, in order to save you from future regrets once you have installed these windows in your home. 

The quality of glass used – the quality of the glass used for making storm resistant windows will apparently determine how effective the windows will be in protecting your homes against hurricanes and myriads of severe weather conditions. There are some storm proof windows which have stronger glasses than others, just like there are some impact windows which have weaker glasses than others. That’s why you should never hesitate to find out the quality of glass used for making the windows which you are about to invest in. 





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