What Are The Different Types Of Impact Glass?

A few decades ago, if you were to go shopping for replacement windows you would have found very limited options when it came to residential window glass.  As far as options, homeowners would either choose “tough” glass or “thin” glass and from there all they had to choose is whether or not they wanted it plain, tinted or painted.

Nowadays you will find furniture, walls, tiles and glass counterparts of varying transparency and durability are replacing more conventional construction materials.  Architects now have the choice of several different configurations as well as different types of glass for windows.  However the type of glass you would purchase for a commercial building will differ significantly from the type of glass you would purchase for your home.  There are many factors to consider when choosing windows for your home as the type of window will determine how much energy you will consume, the comfort level of your home, the noise level, security and insulation of your home.

Now let us take a look at some of the most common types of residential glass windows.  What you will find is that each type of glass will have its own unique qualities.  Getting a good understanding of the different types of glass will make things a whole lot simpler when it comes time for you to choose the right type of window for your home.

Patterned Glass

This type of windows is covered with designs and patterns; they are normally translucent, which could be plain glass or colored glass.  This type of glass is perfect for areas where privacy is a concern and natural light is a must.  The patterns on the glass will prevent people from looking through the glass, while at the same time allowing just enough light to come in to keep the room well lit.

Tinted Glass

This type of glass is coated with a material that will reduce the transmission of light, which is great for the summer months as this type of glass will prevent your home from heating up too much.  You will get some level of privacy with tinted windows, as you will be able to see through from the inside of your home, but people on the outside will not be able to see through.  Most commonly you will hear for car windows being tinted but it is becoming more popular for homeowners to tint their home’s windows so if you do a search you will find residential glass tinting services available.

Low Emissivity Glass

Low-E glass has a coating which is made of a unique material that is comprised of compounds made of metal oxide.  The glass coat is designed to reflect a large number of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, as well as it is designed to absorb most of the heat that would normally penetrate your home also.  The level of thickness of the coat will determine how effective the particular type of Low E glass that you purchased is, so you will have the option to customize your coatings, whether you want to decrease or increase the heat gain at the time of purchase.  This type of glass is very durable and homeowners in hot climates love this type of glass.

Insulated Glass or Double Panes

With double pane glass, you will find that the 2 sheets of glass are either separated by special gases or by air.  If insulation is your main concerned, then this is the perfect window for you, as it provides unparalleled insulation against wind, cold and noise.  And if you live in one of the extremely cold climates or in a noisy neighborhood, then triple pane windows are a good option for you as well.

Impact Resistant Glass

This type of glass will be the hardest to break, whether it is by man or Mother Nature.  Manufacturers create impact resistant windows by combining multiple sheets with layers of plastic.  So even if it were to break, which is highly unlikely, then the inner layers would hold the broken glass fragments together.  If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes and you want to minimize your residential glass repair bills, then this is the ideal type of glass for your windows.

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