What Causes Hurricane Windows To Have Condensation?

Did you recently install new impact doors or hurricane windows and now you are starting to notice that they sweat a lot?  The first thought that comes to mind for most homeowners is whether or not the window contractor actually did a good job in installing them properly.  And in most cases this assumption is wrong, especially if you notice that it’s on the inside of the windows that is actually sweating or has condensation.  The condensation is actually caused by excess humidity or a moisture imbalance inside your house.

What Causes Condensation?

The primary reason for extra humidity inside your home is improper ventilation and part of it is caused by some of your daily living activities like:

  • Using your washing machine and dryer
  • Taking baths
  • Showering
  • Cooking
  • Gas heaters that are un-vented
  • Humidifiers

When you install hurricane windows to replace your standard windows you are actually properly sealing your home from air transfer or exchange otherwise known as Inside/Outside Circulation, so now your home will be properly insulated which will contribute to this condensation issue.  This is especially present in the winter months if you have new hurricane windows and an air conditioning or heating unit that is old or not properly set up, which will also result in condensation inside your windows.

When the temperature inside your home is warmer than what the temperature is outside, then you will see the formation of water drops on the glass of your windows.  The amount of condensation will be a good indication of how much humidity is trapped inside your home.  Many homeowners typically want to know why this condensation effect comes about and it is because there are lower temperatures on the glass for your doors and windows than on any other surface in your home.

What is the problem with condensation?

Mold and mildew is definitely a concern when it comes to excess condensation or excess humidity in your home.  If the excess moisture problem is not fixed sooner than later then you will start to see signs of deterioration in some of your personal belongs such as your clothing and of course health concerns are also a factor.

Hurricane Windows Condensation Solutions

If you notice that your home does not have the proper ventilation, then you can try increasing the circulation within your home, so when you can, you should keep your windows open especially during times of daily activities.  Make sure your dryer, stove and dishwasher have duct systems that lead to the outside of your house, this way you can keep the heat from those appliances outside.

The same applies for your bathroom, turn the exhaust fan on during showers and baths and check to see if it is has a duct that leads to the outside of your home.


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