What Are The Benefits Of Hurricane Windows?

What Are The Benefits Of Impact Resistant Windows? Impact resistant windows should not be deemed as a luxury by home and property owners residing in areas prone to storms, hurricanes and tornados. In fact, these windows are more of a necessity to them more than they would have ever imagined. But many of them have […]

How To Find The Best Hurricane Windows Company?

Installing the best impact windows on your house is arguably the best thing you can do to protect your home from the strong tornados, storms and hurricanes. Impact resistant windows, also known as hurricane windows, will not only protect your home from hurricanes and storms, but they will also provide 24/7 protection against burglaries. But […]

How Much Do These Types Of Windows Cost?

Impact windows remain the best and most effective solution for home owners to protect their homes against storms, hurricanes and other severe weather condition. Though these windows are popular in homes located in places that are susceptible to hurricanes and storms, there are still many people who do not know what these windows are and […]

What Are Hurricane Resistant Windows?

What are impact windows? These windows are also commonly referred to as impact resistant windows or hurricane windows. If your house is located in a place that is susceptible to hurricanes and storms, investing in these windows is not a luxury but a necessity, lest you spend a lot of money repairing damages which result […]

How To Clean Your Windows

Many industrial window-cleaning products that are on the market promise to impart a “streak-free sparkle.” However, we have actually found an easy method for you to use when it is time to clean your windows, what you will need is white vinegar and water, and you can use a spray container for easy application. Here […]

Here Are 4 Things You Can Do To Prepare For A Hurricane

Throughout inclement weather, protection needs to be your very first top priority. A storm in your area could be devastating, specifically if you have not sufficiently gotten your household ready on the best ways to ensure their safety. Technically, a tropical storm is classified as being a tropical climate system that has wind speeds of […]

Safeguarding Your Home And Family During Hurricane Season

Storm winds deliver pressure to Hurricane Resistant Windows. It is without a doubt the debris these winds can threatens a home during a hurricane. In higher winds, roof covering such as ceramic tiles, or trash bin can become rockets that are hurled at your neighbors home. One of the secret to Hurricane prepareness to keep […]

How To Identify Hurricane Categories

If you reside near the shoreline and with storm season already underway, it is very important that you recognize the various kinds of storms, in addition to what sort of impact they can have when they pass over areas of land and water in Broward county.  One important step to being prepared this hurricane season […]

Hurricane Windows Can Proctect Your Home

Hurricane Windows include impact glass that is encased by a durable window frame which is firmly secured to the indoor window opening in the wall. Their building and anchoring keep cyclone winds and particles from breaching your house’s external envelope. The concept for shatter-resistant glass windows for houses came from automobiles, where laminated glass has […]

Installation Guide

Are you considering buying High Impact Windows, but want to install them yourself?  Well hare are some tips that will give you a good overview of what the process will entail and some tips to have a successful install. Setting up impact-resistant windows is much the exact same method that you would use on any […]

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