What Are The Benefits Of Hurricane Windows?

What Are The Benefits Of Impact Resistant Windows?

Impact resistant windows should not be deemed as a luxury by home and property owners residing in areas prone to storms, hurricanes and tornados. In fact, these windows are more of a necessity to them more than they would have ever imagined. But many of them have never considered installing these windows on their homes. You can reap a host of benefits by installing these windows on your house. So let’s discuss what the benefits of impact windows are.

They come with a warranty 

Unlike the ordinary windows that are typically installed on your home during the original construction, nearly all impact windows come with a warranty. Some of these windows can have a life time warranty, while others can have a 5 to 10 years warranty. This doesn’t only mean that you are guaranteed to get free repair services should these windows ever get damaged, but you may also get free installation once you purchase these high impact windows.

Energy efficient 

Imagine getting windows that will fully protect your home against hurricanes and storms with the least utility bills possible. That is one of the advantages of installing these windows on your home. The main reason why these windows are energy efficient is because they are made using durable aluminum frames, which helps in isolating your home from outdoor climate changes and playing an important role in utility bill savings.  What these windows do is keep your home much cooler during hot periods, when compared to traditional windows and hence this causes a reduction in your energy expenses.  So in essence these windows can actually pay for themselves over time.

Best poised to protect your home from burglaries

If you think that installing impact resistant windows will only protect your home from hurricanes alone, you are yet to realize that these windows can also protect your home against burglaries. They can make break-ins difficult, thanks to their PVB inter-layer that is placed between 2 thick glass layers. That offers a detailed explanation why storm resistant windows are best poised to protect your home from both hurricanes and burglaries.

Protect you against outside noises 

Noises can be very disturbing and they can also make it impossible for you to concentrate. If you have been thinking of how to reduce the outside noises emanating from the nearest bus intersection and highway, installing impact windows on your home can save you from the agony of these and other types of disturbing noises.

Plenty of insurance premium discounts 

These windows are recognized by nearly all leading insurance companies. That is why they come with plenty of insurance premium discounts, thus enabling home and property owners to pay less for installation costs.  This is just another way these windows pay for themselves.  Not to mention by installing these types of windows, will also result in an increase in your property value.

High quality protection

One of the reasons why impact windows are suitable for protecting homes and properties against virtually all dangers they are susceptible to is their unmatched high quality protection. They derive it from durable glass and strong aluminum frames. Due to their high quality protection, these windows can withstand any storm or hurricane regardless of how strong it could be.

 UV protection 

If your home is directly exposed to Ultra-violet rays, chances are that some of your expensive interiors like flooring, photos, carpets and electronics can easily get ruined. Worse still, overtime exposure to harmful UV rays will put you at a higher risk of getting skin cancer. In this regard, installing storm proof windows on your home is a worthy investment. These windows play a great role in blocking harmful UV rays but at the same time permitting visible light to pass through them.  Go here to find out more.



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