Can These Windows Really Cut Your Monthly Energy Bill?

If you have looked into buying hurricane resistant windows before, then you already know that they are great for protecting your family and house from hurricane force winds and debris that may become air borne due to a tropical storm or hurricane.  These are also the only type of window that do not require covering from hurricane shutters during a hurricane.

Another popular benefit of these windows is that they can help to reduce your monthly insurance premiums by saving your money, especially if you live in a high wind zone, due to the fact that they can keep your house damage free and safe, both from burglars and tropical storm force winds who could enter your home by breaking the glass in your windows.  But what a lot of homeowners do not know, is that these storm proof windows can save you a ton of money on your air conditioning cooling and heating monthly utility bill.

These windows can make your home more energy efficient because of the double layered laminated glass that has a heavy duty aluminum framing and a middle layer of even more impact resistant materials.  What most homeowners do not realize is the amount of cold air and heat that they lose, due to having traditional windows installed in their home.  With standard windows, air will escape from inside your home and the transfer of cold or hot air from outside the house, which basically means if it is really hot outside, traditional windows will allow more heat to come instead so your house becomes hotter and as a result your air conditioner has to work harder.

As well as if it is really cold outside, then with traditional windows, more cold air will be allowed into your house making the inside colder and as a result you will have to run the heater longer to make it comfortable inside.  Either situations, whether it is hot or cold, with standard windows you are paying more in energy cost that you have to, but this can all change if you install impact resistant windows.  This is because with impact windows none of the hot or cold air outside is let into your home and the air inside your home does just that, stay inside where it belongs, so that means your heater or air conditioner can work less to maintain the temperature inside your house.

While these storm proof windows are not cheap and dependent on the amount of windows and doors that you may want to convert over, it could be a sizeable investment, but that’s the key word, these types of windows are an investment in your home and like most good investment, they will give you a return.

The way you will get your return is that after installation, you will start to notice a significant drop in your monthly energy bill and this savings will help to pay for them over time.  Most homeowners that buy these windows wonder why they didn’t do it sooner, as they offer peace of mind and they actually make living in your home more comfortable.  If you live in a state like Florida that get very humid in the summer months, then these windows offer a way for you to be cooler during those times and not to mention the unseen savings you will have, as your air conditioner will break down less and last longer as it no longer has to work as hard as it would if you had traditional windows.  Click Here To learn more.


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