Why You Should Consider Replacing Your Sliding Glass Doors?

One of the things that most Floridians have in common is they share a passion for the outdoors, as Florida offers some of the most beautiful scenery and beaches in the United States.  Most homeowners have some type of water based scenery in their backyard, whether it is a pool, canal, lake, the inter-coastal or the beach.  And with sliding glass doors you can enjoy the scenery even when you have to be on the inside of your home.

Many south Florida homes are built with sliding glass doors as they are excellent for allowing the beautiful sun light to come into your home while at the same time allowing you to appreciate the great outdoors, but the downside to this is that with all tropical areas, there is the threat of hurricanes and tropical storms, which could break these sliding glass doors and put your family and home at risk.  But with impact resistant sliding doors you can have your cake and eat it too, as these hurricane proof doors offer both security and strength to with stand some of the worst hurricanes, while at the same time allowing you to enjoy an open area construction of your home.

Sliding doors that are made of impact glass also protect your curtains, flooring and furniture from fading due to the harmful UV rays and another additional benefit is they offer great noise reduction that you will appreciate if you live close to a highway or a busy street.  Now let us look at more benefits of impact glass doors:

  • They increase the beauty and value of your home
  • Makes your home energy efficient
  • Noise Reduction
  • Restrict unwanted moisture and air from entering your home
  • Makes your home more secure from intruders
  • Protects the structure during hurricanes
  • Enhances the curb appeal
  • Extends the life of your carpets, furnishings and air conditioner

If you currently have standard glass doors and you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes and tropical storms, then you should definitely consider updating them to impact resistant sliding glass doors to protect your family and investments in the event of a bad storm or burglary.  These doors offer peace of mean and have the benefits of shutters but without the headaches.

Nowadays you can even get these in a French door style frames, with a wood grain finish with multiple tracks and with corner or pocket meet configuration.  So if style is one of your concerns, we got you covered.  Security and protection does not have to be ugly.  These replacement sliding glass doors can be custom made to fit the precise opening of each door and window in your home, so you don’t have to worry about any rooms being re-constructed.  To learn more visit this page.


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