How To Choose The Best Windows And Doors For Your Home?

If your home has windows that are leaking where water comes into your home any time it rains or maybe the windows whistle whenever you get a strong breeze then it may be time to think about replacement windows.  So you go online or you call up a local window company and what you now realize it is almost like shopping for a car because there are so many options.  So how does one go about choosing the right window replacement?

Here are a few guidelines that will help with navigating the maze of Vinyl, Aluminum, Insulation and Impact Resistant Glass.  The first thing you need to do is to decide the reason or reasons you need new windows.  For example, do you need the windows for hurricane protection?  Do you need it to prevent your home from burglars?  The main purpose of impact windows and doors is to protect your home, whether it is a thief or a storm or even ultraviolet rays from the sun, impact glass windows are great to keep any of these unwanted things out.

If you want the strongest window out there, which you should if you live in an area that gets regular hurricanes, then you should choose windows that have Large Missile Impact Glass, while other windows undergo different tests, this is the only one that is designed to stand up against multiple impacts from an air cannon.

Do you want these windows to properly insulate your home?

Unfortunately when it comes to insulation, this really doesn’t narrow the choices down any and you will have choices from Double Pane to Low E, but this is definitely an important consideration as when the sun shines on your windows, then it will heat the glass up, which as a result will heat your home and with an increase temperature in your home, then your air conditioner will have to work harder and longer, so as a result your electric bill heats up as well.  But let’s take a look of some of the different products and break it down for you.

There is Low-E glass which is developed to be a reflector to sun beams so it reduces the amount of heat that will enter your home, this is done with small pieces of silver that is embedded during the process of manufacturing to create a reflective glass.  Low-E windows are a great option especially if you have a lot of windows or a lot of big glass windows or doors and where you get a lot of sun exposure, installing them will definitely cut down your utility bill and they are very cost effective when compared to the other options.

The next option is Low-E Insulated Glass, which basically has 2 panes of glass that has a sealed air space in the middle that is separating each piece.  How this design works, is that when the outside layer of glass get heated, then the gas or air space in the middle will absorb the heat and prevent it from heating the 2ND Layer or inner glass.  I know this is sounding like a good option, but if you live in Florida this may not be the best choice for you, as these windows work best when there is a huge difference between the temperature outside and inside your home, in Florida you are probably looking at about a twenty degree difference, so while it may reduce your cooling expense, it won’t be a drastic difference, unless of course your home is in direct sunlight for the majority of the day.

Now let’s take about framing and the options are basically Vinyl and Aluminum

Aluminum is what you will find that most homeowners have, as vinyl is somewhat new, but is becoming popular and fast.  The main reason consumers choose vinyl over aluminum is insulation and that is because vinyl has been proven to prevent more heat from entering your home when compared to aluminum so they are definitely more efficient.

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