How To Choose The Right Frame Material For Replacement Window?

Nowadays you can find several different types of window frames and materials that are available to homeowners when selecting replacement windows.  Some homeowners may find it a bit overwhelming with all the various types, but it’s actually good because you have more options so it’s a better chance that you will find something that fits your style.  Let’s take a look at some of the most popular or common type of window materials and frames.

Vinyl Windows

When it comes to the window industry, the most popular type of window is vinyl windows and there are a few advantages to this type of window, hence its popularity.  Unlike many of the other window materials, vinyl can be expanded, this is important as a window frame that is well built will need to have areas that are hollow within it.  The reason you do not want a solid window frame, is that it will decrease insulation, they would be very heavy and not to mention the cost, they would be very expensive.  It’s relatively easy to manufacture vinyl and it provides great heat resistance, so if you live in a hot climate and it’s a hot day, then vinyl well help keep that heat outside your home and if you live in cold climates, vinyl will actually help to keep the heat inside your home and keep the cold outside.  The biggest complaint of vinyl is the limited color options.

Aluminum Windows

You will hardly see aluminum windows used for residential purposes, however, it is especially popular for commercial use and this is because developers prefer strength to heat resistance, especially for large openings.  Aluminum windows are great heat conductors as they are made of metal, so as a result heat will transfer easily inside an office or other commercial building.

Wood Framed Windows

While wood framed windows are very popular, the most common type of wood window is clad windows, what this basically means is the frame or exterior is covered either with vinyl or aluminum and this is done to reduce maintenance costs such as having to paint them every few years.  If wood frames are not painted on a regular basis, then this can cause the wood to rot, as well as painting helps to prevent the degradation of the wood.  By using an impenetrable material like vinyl or aluminum to cover the window, then this will increase the resistance of the window to stand up to the many different environmental factors such as the sun and rain.

Fiberglass and Fibrex Windows

Fibrex and Fiberglass windows are slowly gaining market share among homeowners.  Fiberglass windows have a strong and smooth finish and if the homeowner wishes they can easily paint them.  This is a great advantage over vinyl windows, as vinyl is not recommended for painting, so if you feel like changing the color, you either need a new set of windows and you will have to choose from the limited amount of color options.  Fiberglass is great for large openings because of its increased strength when compared to other options like vinyl, so if you have a large opening in your home, you should definitely consider fiberglass.

Vinyl is strong, but it is just not recommended for large size windows, as the larger the size, then the strength of vinyl is reduced.  And as far as fibrex windows are concerned, you can expect to get low maintenance expenses, great insulation benefits and good strength.

Even though the wood has its disadvantages, the reason homeowners still buy them is because wooden windows have an aesthetic appeal to it, when compared to the other options like vinyl windows.  Many homeowners still like the traditional look of wood even though they have to pay more than if they got the vinyl and since they can now get their wood windows with an exterior covering of aluminum, then they can change the color as often as they choose.

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