Should I Get PGT Windows or Custom Window Systems?

If you are in the market for buying impact resistant windows, then I am sure you are starting to notice that there are several brands out there to choose from, but we all know competition is good, as competition will help to keep prices lower.  In this article we will attempt to answer a frequently asked question which is should I buy PGT Windows or Custom Window?

What you will find is that most impact window dealers provide both options and they do this for various reasons.  First, it is important to know that PGT Industries was the first manufacturer to provide impact resistant windows to the Florida market and this was right around the time of Hurricane Andrew and the product they introduced to the market is known as WinGuard, which is an aluminum framed impact window and they are offered for sliding doors as well.

Now let us talk about Custom Windows, they were the first manufacturer to introduce vinyl impact windows and sliding impact glass doors that met the standards of the Energy Star Rating System.  As soon as these vinyl impact windows were introduced, they quickly took over the retail market in Florida.

So which impact window is actually better?

Both PGT Windows and Custom Windows are great and they are made by 2 great manufacturers, so the question really shouldn’t be which product is better but instead which one is best for your particular application.  You see, each homeowner will require a different application, for example, some consumers may be more concerned about energy savings, if you are one of those consumers, then you may want to consider Custom Windows over PGT Windows, because Custom Windows use what is called Cardinal Glass, which has a specialized glazing and make use of the “NEAT” glass technology that will give you a spot free and cleaner windows.

Now on the other hand, if your home is located on the coast where you are close to a large body of water, such as the ocean, then a better choice would be PGT Impact Windows.  PGT Industries make an excellent impact resistant window product line which is known as WinGuard.  A good test of the WinGuard windows was during Hurricane Charlie and any homeowner that had these PGT impact windows will tell you that they work excellent in saving homes and lives.

Now it is important to understand that choosing a specific type of impact windows should be on a case by case basis and when you speak to a local hurricane window dealer, they will help you to better choose the right type of window for your particular application.


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