How You Can Stay Safe By Changing Your Windows

If you live in an area that gets a lot of hurricanes then you are probably very familiar with the different hurricane preparedness exercises that you have to do each year during tropical storm season, such as stocking up on non-perishable foods like can goods and bottled water.  You may have a plan in place to take in some of your outside items such as patio furniture or anchor them down to the ground securely.  And if you do not already have shutters or impact windows, then you probably have to board up your windows.

I am sure some or all of the above sound all too familiar and whenever you see your neighbors doing any of them, then you know they probably just heard it on the local news station that a hurricane is coming.  Now if you are one of those homeowners that for windows and door protection you use plywood to protect your home, then you might want to consider a better alternative such as impact window replacements that offer better protection but without the hassles and headaches that come along with having to board up windows.

There is no question that we all know the damage that can be done to our windows if a hurricane hits our home.  And we also know that these storm force winds move rapidly and they normally are carrying with them a lot of debris that can be thrown against a house at high speeds, which can break standard windows.  Some of the best defenses that you can get to withstand these fast moving winds and their devastation is hurricane impact replacement windows.  After these windows are created, then they have to go through vigorous tests by means of a hurricane impact tester to test their durability before they are sold to consumers.  These replacement windows are ideal if you have a home in a location that gets tornadoes or hurricanes on a yearly basis.

When you purchase these windows you will get a guarantee from that manufacturer that they will stand up to some of the worst hurricane force winds, now when these windows go under extreme testing they can actually break, but the good thing to know is that while highly unlikely that they will never break while installed on your home, but if they happen to break it is good to know that unlike standard windows, these storm proof windows won’t have a hole in them if they break as the shattered glass would be held together by an inner film layer that is built into the windows.

If storm winds enter your home they can cause havoc, so it is best that during a tropical storm that these winds stay on the outside of your home.  If these high speed winds were to enter your home, they could actually take the roof off your house.  If you live in South Florida then you have several options for companies that sell hurricane proof window replacements.  We have come a long way from only having ply board or those unsightly storm shutters to protect our home and family during a tropical storm, now we have beautiful looking window replacements that not only protects us but also makes our homes look better.

A lot of window companies provide KeepSafe Maximum Glass, it is referred to as a passive and scratch resistant glass, that is able to stand up to strong winds and debris once properly installed and designed.  If these KeepSafe Glass were to break on impact from some sort of debris, it would not shatter and will still offer protection.  These windows can withstand repeated blows from hammers, bricks or any other similar object.  And since these windows come in so many different sizes, colors and styles, there is no question that you will find a design that matches your house.

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