Security Windows And Doors

When it comes to security windows and doors there are several choices that are currently on the market from different colors to different shapes and sizes and whether you want them for residential or for commercial use they are available.  You can either use these security windows as an upgrade to your existing windows or you can install them at the time of construction of your home or business.  These windows can be up to two hundred and fifty times stronger than standard glass with the same thickness, due to its impact resistant poly-carbonate and these windows also boast a high degree of visibility.

This type of material actually makes impact windows, lighter than standard glass and with more protection.  These poly-carbonate windows are designed to be Ultra Violet resistant to minimize the discoloration of items on the interior of the windows.  You may be thinking the clarity of objects when looking through these windows must be diminished, but it is quite the opposite, as distortion is kept to a minimum and clarity is preserved. These windows will use either a key lock or a slide lock to offer consumers and business owner’s maximum protection from either Mother Nature or thieves.

When it comes to commercial applications of these security windows, they will eliminate or minimize grab and smash robberies.  And for both residential and commercial situations, these windows are hurricane resistant, as they are built to stand up to high windows and flying objects.

When many people hear of security windows they think of correctional institutions, however, this is not the case, these types of windows have come a long way and are stylish and they come in several different colors.  And since they are custom ordered they are made to fit any existing structure, so no need to make modifications to your home and they will increase the security of your home or business.  These windows are so stylish that they will actually enhance the outside appearance of your home and business and as a result, they will increase the value of your real estate.

If you would like to reduce your energy usage, then security windows and doors can actually reduce your utility costs and save you money as by installing them you will be increasing the insulation of your home or business and depending on the type of security windows and doors you get you can save upwards of 40 percent on your energy bills.

Whether you need these windows for home or business, you will find that they are offered for either application.  The residential choices are designed as out-opening doors that are held within a steel frame and you can get them either in a decorative style or plain, depending on what you have planned in your budget.  And the manufacturers will offer you several options when it comes to how these doors are locked such as heavy duty handle and closer or the basic double bore box lock configurations.  An important tip to remember when replacing an existing door with a new door is that for security purposes, you will want to use very long screws.  The preferred type of screw for maximum security is the 3 inch screws.

For security doors you can choose between tempered safety glass panes or a single pane of tempered safety glass, in either case you will be able to open up the panes if you want to get some ventilation inside your home.  Commercial security doors on the other hand come in either a roll down option or an accordion option.  And you can order them as motorized or to be manually operated, again, it comes down to what’s in your budget.  If security is an issue for you, then you will find these types of doors to be a quick barrier for safety.

You can get locking systems ranging from key locks, slide bolts and a hasp and ring configuration.  You can also choose from a solid steel construction or if you prefer that your commercial door to be see through, and then you can get ones that are made using poly-carbonate with grille patterns to enhance the beauty of your commercial entrance.  The only limits to these types of windows and doors are usually when it comes to budget, other than that, you can go wild with your imagination to design your custom windows and doors.

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