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If taping up your windows during a hurricane is your form of hurricane protection, while it may be inexpensive, you should know that this alternative cannot give you the same type of protection that you will get from CGI impact window or hurricane shutters. With the high wind speeds that come along with hurricanes, which are known to put up potted plants, roof tiles and other forms of debris that could be thrown into your windows or sliding glass doors, you need something more than tape if you want sufficient protection.

In addition, when there is an atmospheric pressure change, this too can break standard residential windows pretty easily. If the glass from your windows or sliding glass door breaks, you can expect hundreds or small sharp pieces of glass to be sprayed over the interior of your home, which could cause serious injuries to you and your loved ones. Don’t put the safety of your family members in the hands of just tape, instead consider PGT hurricane proof windows and doors, which is the best form of hurricane protection on the market today.

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