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So you have made the final decision to go ahead and buy and install storm windows, now there are a few details that you will have to decide on to make sure that you actually choose the perfect hurricane proof window product for your needs. Since different window company carry different brands of storm tight windows such as CGI Windows and PGT Windows, it can be sometimes hard to compare the options side by side, but here are some options that you can use to help make the selection process a little easier.

If you live near to the coast, you need to make sure they are quoting you prices that include the coastal package, which include stainless steel hardware and screws.

Type of screen – there are several types of quality screens, always choose the best option they have since these are so vulnerable. Only buy screens for windows that you actually open, you can save some money this way, because you don’t need screens on all your windows.

Finish – there are several paint finishes, the best one is Kynar Finish which has a 10 year warranty and the next best is Powder Coat that has a 5 year warranty.

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