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During a hurricane it is important that you protect the openings of your home, which would be your doors or windows with either hurricane shutters or PGT impact windows and doors. These need to be protected because they are the most vulnerable sections of your house or commercial building. Many people don’t know the real reason that you don’t want to see your windows or sliding glass doors broken during a hurricane and that is because you don’t want the atmospheric pressure inside your home to change during a storm.

If it changes it can lead to even more severe damage as well as injuries to the occupants inside that commercial building or house. So if you happen to be sitting through a hurricane when a roofing tile comes crashing through your standard residential windows that was duct taped and enters your Florida room. No one was in the room at the time and other than the window nothing else got damaged.

And you might be thinking that wasn’t so bad, not much damage other than the window. Well, everything is not ok because shortly you are going to experience a sudden change in air pressure within your home, that has the potential to take your roof off and blow out the other windows in your home. Don’t let this happen to your family get storm tight windows today.

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